What makes a lake burial special and beautiful, in contrast to conventional resting places, is the point of reference to the lake and to nature, where the deceased finds his final resting place. With every sight of this lively and beautiful setting, positive memories of the rester come to the fore, which is why many of our resting places are located near memorable landmarks to facilitate orientation.
Basically, it is mainly people who have had a special connection to the lake or to nature in life who want to find their last resting place in the lake. This wish should be formulated during his lifetime.

Since a funeral is a very individual project, the crew of the MS Rolling Home is continuously expanding their offers and skills in order to meet all personal wishes within the framework of the legal provisions. You or your relatives can actively participate in the planning of the funeral at any time, but especially in the choice of the place of burial. Thanks to many years of experience and cooperation, we can offer a wide range of unique places on Lake Lucerne in Switzerland, to which we can take you by ship from Hergiswil or another port of your choice.

The decorations and floral arrangements that will be scattered on the surface of the lake with the ashes are also taken care of. The flowers, selected according to your wishes, float on the surface and show the place of the burial. In addition, your favorite music can be played by musicians or via a music system while driving.
Typically, a burial at sea lasts 1-4 hours, depending on your program. Time that demands a lot from everyone involved, although aperitifs and hospitality are provided on board.
After the funeral, it is advisable to spend some time with friends and family, for example we could reserve a table for you in one of the many lakeside restaurants or plan a walk along the shore.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any special requests. Our experience enables us to turn almost any wish into reality.

Example of a burial at sea in Switzerland:

The preparations that are made together with you or your relatives are of great importance. On the desired date we will then organize everything according to your ideas, also with a clergyman.
Before the family and friends arrive, the urn is brought on board, decorated if desired and personal items or pictures are set up. Afterwards, the relatives and friends are welcomed by the captain and the crew and brought on board.
The ship casts off and sets course for the resting place, you can move freely on board, the whole ship is at your disposal. Drinks and aperitifs are available on board, but can also be supplemented with other dishes on request.
Arrived at the place of burial, the ship’s bell rings and the captain carries the urn to the stern of the ship and fastens it to the railing. Family and friends gather on deck while the minister or captain delivers a speech of your choice to bid farewell to the departed.
After that, the ashes are lowered into the water.
The ship circles the resting place again so that the mourners can give flowers or last greetings to the deceased. Unfortunately, for environmental reasons, only natural materials can be used for this, i.e. no metal wires or objects made of plastic.
Finally, the MS Rolling Home Home turns towards its next destination.
In addition, annual commemorative trips can be organized for some resting places, to which all bereaved can be invited.
Private commemorative trips, in which only your relatives take part, can also be organised.


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